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EINA, University of Zaragoza     Dept. of Electrical Engineering       C/ Maria de Luna 3
50018 Zaragoza, Spain

Email                             jmyusta@unizar.es  jadona@unizar.es

Phone: +34 976 761 922


Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining our lab as a PhD student, sending an email to jmyusta@unizar.es

Current PhD candidates

Víctor Ballestín-Bernad
Robust design optimization of electric machines [2019- ]

Tania-Beatriz Lopez-Garcia
Control based on machine learning of power systems with multiple renewable energy sources [2018- ]

Yassine Rqiq
Mathematical models for the optimal management of transnational gas and electricity systems in situations of supply crisis  [2018- ]

Natalia Naval
Development and application of a virtual power plant model for integration of multiple renewable sources of distributed generation and electricity demand in the primary sector  [2018-2021]

Milton Moreano
Assessment of regulatory strategies for the deployment of distributed generation by using MCDM techniques [2017- ]

Guillermo Matute
Techno-economic model for the integration of electrolysers in power grids through the provision of ancillary services in the hydrogen production for different uses in the European Union [2017-2021 ]

Roberto Lacal-Arantegui     (researchgate profile)
Techno-economic aspects of wind energy deployment  [2016-2021]

Former PhD students

Jesus Beyza    (researchgate profile)
Vulnerability assessment of interdependent gas and electricity transmission systems  [2020]

Ivan R. Cristobal
Optimization of isolated hybrid systems powered by renewable energy sources  (PDF) [2017]

Carmen Patricia Delgado-Antillón
Integración de energías renovables: almacenamiento y redes de distribución radiales [2013]

José-Lucinio Atencio-Guerra
Integración de energía eólica en sistemas con generación hidroeléctrica mayoritaria [2013]

Gabriel J. Correa-Henao
Identification and evaluation of threats to the security of electricity transmission and distribution infrastructures  (PDF) [2012]

Juan Carlos Rojas-Zerpa
Power supply planning in rural areas of developing countries: a reference framework for decision making  (PDF) [2012]

Bizuayehu Abebe-Worke
GIS renewable resources assessment resources assessment and optimization for the electrification of autonomous regions [2012]

Alberto Coronado-Mendoza
Modelado y simulación dinámica de micro-redes con energías renovables utilizando la técnica de fasores dinámicos [2011]

Edson F. Grisi
Optimal management of the operation of sucroenergetic industries in electricity markets  (PDF) [2010]

Juan C. Galvis
Valorization of reserve ancillary services in hydroelectric generators  (PDF) [2010]

Carlos Ponce-Corral
Planificación óptima de la generación distribuida en redes de distribución de energía eléctrica [2010]

Durval De Almeida-Souza
Mejora de la eficiencia en los generadores empleados en parques eólicos utilizando controladores Fuzzy adaptativos [2010]

Yuri-Ulianov Lopez-Castrillón
Small signal stability on power systems with high wind power penetration [2010]

Hans Bludszuweit
Reduction of the Uncertainty of Wind Power Predictions Using Energy Storage [2009]